Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flowering Bush

Headed to Lowe's yesterday morning to purchase 6 new fence posts for the garden. Since the expansion the fencing needed some reinforcing. While I was there I got distracted by the flowers, I can't wait to plant flowers in my pots. Another week or so and it should be safe to do so. I saw several carts of these bushes for sale and fell in love with the cascading white bell-shaped flowers......and I was in luck............50% off. Sweet! Only $9.99. That's a steal in my opinion. Had to have it.

"Red Head Pieris"

Isn't it adorable!?

*Veggie garden is doing well. Onions, spinach and corn already sprouting up. About 1/2 the strawberries are doing well but the broccoli is a no show so far :( Everything else could be planted in another week or so. Gotta wait till the threat of frost is over and in Ohio that's usually 1/2 through May. I can never wait that long though, I'll probably chance it next weekend. I'm a rebel like that! Ha!

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