Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lesson #2

I promise I'm not going to post pictures of all 10 lessons! Mostly because I will miss the last 4 while I'm at work and other people will be taking him :(

They did do some different activites as well as some of the same ones from the previous day.

Mat Races.
All the kids love this part.

All the kids hold hands in a circle and sing a song and blow bubbles in the water (with their mouths.....not their butts) I know what you people were thinking!!!
Dane was suppose to have his arms out in front of him but he wouldn't do it.

"Put your belly button up to the sky!"

For some reason this is is favorite part!
He loves to hold hands and walk to the diving board.

* Lesson #3 went ok. Dane was just slightly uncoorperative (he's just 2 1/2 after-all)

There were certain things he just didn't want to do, I had to get in the water and assist with a few activities just to get him to do them. No diving board today, they just jumped from the side of the 5 foot section.

The lifeguards (instructors) are trying hard to get the kids to go completely underwater, today they reached under water for diving rings while blowing bubbles with their mouths. It will be interesting to see how far Dane comes in these 2 weeks.

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