Saturday, July 10, 2010

Earning His Keep

I put this kid to work! He was more than excited to pick the green beans, and he did do most of the picking but I really had to monitor which ones he was going after. He did pretty good and only picked a few that weren't quite ready.

He was so proud of his pickings. I had him then help me wash them, snap them, and cook them! Uh, Is there some kind of child labor law that I need to worry about? Then at dinner time he about ate his weight in green beans :) I think this garden is good for him, he really likes the watering, growing, and harvesting and he eats good because of it. Definitely makes it worth the effort. We're going out again this morning to pick a new batch. Might be giving this one away, we haven't finished eating the 1st batch.

* On another note...........I HATE THE PHONE COMPANY! We've been without the internet again for the last 2 days! Why you ask? Oh, geez, because it rained again. Yeah, that makes sense doesn't it? They've been out here or called every other month since we moved in 5 years ago. Just replace the box at the road already you dummies! How many times are you gonna come here, replace the phone line or give us a new modem?! and then tell us the box at the road is bad? JUST REPLACE THE BOX!!!!!

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