Friday, July 2, 2010

Neighborly Love

We have the best neighbors and Dane has developed quite the crush on Miss Madie. We cross back and forth between the yards to visit and Dane constantly has something that he needs to show her or tell her about. We're definitely greatful for all their help, like when I need a few eggs cause I didn't pay attention before I started into the recipe or like this week when we needed someone to watch Dane while Brad and I were at work. Thanks again Madie, Dane had a great time!

Yesterday something funny happened. When I was outside in the garden Dane took off and was quiet for quite some time (very unusual) Finally something caught my eye, I look up and it's Dane standing on the neighbors back porch window peeping!!!! I've never seen Dane run so fast when I yelled to him to get his butt back over here. He then asked me a few minutes later if I thought that Madie was home sleeping

"I dont' know Dane, maybe."

"Well, I want to go see her in bed"

"Uh, No. We have to ask before we go over there."

They called later after I told them the story and invited Dane over after nap to jump on the trampoline. I brought my camera and some ice pops :)

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