Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breakfast At Young's

Sunday morning everyone was up early and we decided that it would be fun to take Dane to Young's Dairy for breakfast and fun. Breakfast was yummy and they have the BEST cup of coffee! I wonder what makes it so good, I can't describe it, and it's just so smooth.

After that we headed out to the animal portion. Dane was a little timid at first and scared to pet the goats but he warmed up.

This little cutie was my favorite. He was very friendly. Not long after this photo this goat sneezed right in my face! Oh Gross! I felt it splatter across my cheek and had to wipe it off the lense of my camera! Brad and Dane thought it was hysterical!

In the barn they had 2 baby Jersey Cows.
Check out Danes expression as the cow licks his shirt! Too funny :)

Then back outside to ride the "train"

Over to the batting cages next where Dane played dress up while watching Brad try to hit a few balls. Yeah, that's right, I said TRY.

Then we went to the giant blow up cow bouncy thing.

Dane had a blast!
He willingly got out to move on to other things but I think he would have stayed in there all day


  1. Oh, I loooooove Young's coffee! I actually crave ALL THE time!

  2. What makes it so good!? I want it/need it right now!