Thursday, September 16, 2010


A few more pics of our trip to Rochester, NY.
Stopping to eat @ The Hard Rock Cafe in Niagra before heading to Ellen's house. Dane loved it there, he stopped to "Rock Out" at every guitar he saw! He also got on stage alot and busted out some of his moves for the other patrons.

Saturday morning stopping for breakfast and coffee @ Spot Coffee before heading to the Museum of Play. Realized while going through my pics that this is the only photo of Ellen and I together! Why didn't I think to have Brad take our picture, not like we see eachother all the time!

Spot Coffee.

Strong Museum of Play. We spent hours here, lots of fun!

Ellen & Dane in the cock-pit of a helicopter.

For 1$ you can ride this train. Seemed kinda steep until you realize is goes around like 10X! We're not completely sure that the museum employee wasn't just bored and let him go around more than he should have.

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