Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Love

My parents had a labor day cookout on Monday. Always proves to be a good time and good food. After dinner the kids headed out to the front yard for a T-ball game with Mariana as coach. I like this particular photo because of the look of fear Aunt Randi has on her face. Ha!

Mariana is so patient with the "littles" as she was trying to explain the game of baseball.

Baby Zeke. He's almost 1 now and totally squeezable!
(Mariana took this photo, good job Mari!)

Claire. What a ham!

They ended the evening with a little excavating near the flower beds :)

*My Grandpa Slemmons passed away on Labor Day 11 years ago. They say that memories slowly fade the longer the person is gone but I remember everything about him just as clear as if he was sitting beside me. What a great strong admirable man he was and he is GREATLY missed!

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