Sunday, September 19, 2010

Product Love

I get to meet some of the coolest people at work. Wonderfully creative writers, photographers, bloggers, etc. One of my favorites is a chapstick addict just like me, only she took her love of chapstick and turned it into a fabulously creative Etsy business.

It's not only chapstick though, she makes lotions, and perfume oils using 100% natural vegan ingredients. My favorite is the mosquito repellant 'Heartbroken Mosquitoes'. It's ingredients include tons of essential oils and you'll walk away smelling like a citronella candle but those pesky mosquitoes WILL NOT bother you AT ALL!

We've had a really "buggy" summer here, or maybe we've just been in the woods more often working on Dane's fort. Regardless, Earlier in the summer Dane was getting ate up by bugs. We tried all sorts of bug sprays and nothing really worked for him. (I think it's cause he's so sweet!) This product is natural, 100% deet free, safe for kids and WORKS.

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