Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ewww, Wax!

While at the Au Natural store in Bellefontaine to pick up some Prenatal Vitamins Brad requested I also pick up some ear wax candles. We haven't done that in years. It's amazing how much wax those little candles will pull out of your ears! After witnessing Brad and I do this, Dane begged to have his done. In true boy fashion, being fascinated with all things disgusting, he LOVED checking our candles when we we're done to see how much wax came out. Now I realize that some ear wax can be a good thing and that perhaps it's not a good thing to do on a child but I did it anyway.

The truly amazing part of this story is the amount of wax that come out of Dane's little ears! Way more than Brad or I! He didn't even sit for the whole candle, just for maybe 5 minutes worth. The only thing I can figure is that those child safety q-tips can only go in so far (hence the "safety" of them) and therefore aren't getting as much wax out as our adult versions.

* 26 weeks. Why?! Why?! Why have I come down with another cold?! Uggg! Brad has it too! We were only healthy for 2 weeks before this one struck. Seriously? Come on! It's not like I need any help NOT sleeping!
Testing the Neti Pot theory by starting to use it as soon I felt alittle funny. Hope it works to cut down the longevity and severity of the cold. We'll see. At least maybe it'll prevent it from turning into another sinus infection. I finally talked Brad into trying it last night. Talk about funny! I thought he was going to throw up. Ha!

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