Friday, February 11, 2011

In Loving Memory

Zoey was the cutest puppy I'd ever seen! We picked her up from Bellefontaine's Humane Society on June 5th 2002. She was found running loose in a field around Indian Lake and someone brought her in. She was, they guessed around 12 weeks old. She was spunky and fiery running back and forth in the kennel and biting the tip of my nose when I sat down to play with her but I just had to have her! She had me at hello.

This was taken that same day.

She was our first baby. The first dog we'd raised from a puppy.
Our first family photo.

Spring 2005. In our new home.

Feb 2010.
Her left ear never did stand fully upright which I think added to her charm.

She was a great dog. She never chewed up our stuff. She protected the property alerting us to intruders human and animal. She was smart and we loved her and she loved us. She didn't derseve to suffer, she should have grown old and died in her sleep. That's what she deserved. Instead the cancer moved in fast, she was in pain and we had to put her down. She was ready to go, you could see that in her eyes. Regardless, it hurts to have her go.

I cry for Dane. His first loss. He wants to know if god is done playing with her yet and if she's coming home soon. It's so hard to explain. To see his little eyes well up with tears and tell me that he doesn't want her to be dead is heartbreaking!

In the stillness of the night and mornings I still cry, my mind is so full of memories.

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