Friday, February 4, 2011

Makin' Room

The first thing I did was carry the cradle upstairs to our bedroom from the basement. Got it all assembled and cleaned up. Then I went through Dane's infant tub that I had stored away and pulled out all gender neutral blankets and baby essentials. Brad's grandma and grandpa Grimes bought us this before we were even expecting Dane with the hopes of future great-grandbabies. It's special to me, reminds me of his grandpa who's since passed on.

Next, We went on a little girl shopping spree and bought some cute things. Still could use some sleep sacks (loved those with Dane), onesies, sleepers, burp clothes, etc. I also would like a baby sling. I have an infant carrier but I think it would be nice to have a sling that I could carry the baby around in and nurse her at the same time.

I cleaned out Dane's closet, weeding out too small stuff and making a new tote of stuff to take to the basement.

Then I cleaned out our closet, taking 2+ bags of stuff to the good will.

Next, We headed to the Carpet Gallery and bought a 12x12 carpet remnant so we could make a playroom in the basement. Our 1st floor was just overwhelmed with Dane's toys! No room to set up the pack-n-play or baby swing, etc.

I'm feeling slightly neurotic. I realize she's not due till May but I'm a planner. I like to have all my ducks in a row way earlier than necessary. I like to be ready, I'm way early for everything.

* I skipped my 24 week appointment. I'm slightly annoyed with all these appointments. I'm fine. Can't I just come in if I have a question or aren't feeling well?! I find it a gigantic waste of time (except hearing the heartbeat, which is always fun) Here's how every appointment goes

- weigh in
-blood pressure (always good)
-feeling ok? (yup)
-any questions? (nope)
-listen to heartbeat
- ok, see you in 4 weeks

I get really annoyed when it starts going to every 2weeks, I might try to talk them into pushing it back some. I'm having a completly normal, uncomplicated pregnancy so I don't see why not.

But don't worry, I'm scheduled for a 26 week appointment.

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