Saturday, February 19, 2011


Dane just being silly.

* So for the last week I've had a sore under my tongue. I never really bothered to look, figured it was just a little ulcer that hurt when it rubbed across my teeth. Well, I was wrong! Checked it out in the mirror at work this week and its a lump. So I decided to have the Doc check it out and guess what...........It's a pregnancy tumor!

I mean really?! It only happens in 1% of pregnant women so of course it would happen to me! It's kinda just a freak thing that happens. Say if I would have bitten my tongue or had it scrap across something or stabbed by a chip or something (none of which I remember occurring) Anyways, We'll just watch it preferring to remove it after the baby is born or it could just go away on it's own.

On a good note, I'm not sick anymore! My conclusion to the Neti-Pot test is that IT WORKS! I did it morning and night at the 1st sign of feeling alittle snotty and I'm better :) and guess who doesn't like the Neti-Pot and who is still sick............Brad!

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