Saturday, March 29, 2014


Lady Tutu 5k at Easton Towne Center. This race was SO FUN! 
It is nearly impossible to be grumpy when there are over 1000 women running around in Tutu's. I felt like a child. 

The weather was chilly at 39° but we got super lucky because after the race was over it started to rain and the temperature started to drop and then it started sleating and snowing. 

Marna & I pre race.

My beautiful 15year old niece Mariana and I after the race.
She is a speedy little track star And at our last 5k she beat me by 2 1/2 minutes so I had a plan to use her as a pacer and try and catch her. I couldn't.  BUT I did stay hot on her trail and smoked my last PR. Unofficially my time was 25 min 57 seconds. A 8:41min/mile pace!!

This race was very well ran. Our bibs had our name on it, they called your name as you crossed the finish line and you got a medal!! Sweet!

Official results are in!!!

Time: 25min 46 sec

Pace: 8:30min/mile

-37th out of 909 participants
-16th out of 337 in my age group (30-39)

And a shout out to my pacer niece Mariana who placed 2nd in her age group!!

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