Monday, March 10, 2014


I had an awesome run on Sunday. I felt great and maintained a pretty great pace the whole time. The first 4 miles were all under a 10min mile! 

That is all after I slipped and fell on black ice less than 1/4 mile in. Luckily it happened at the track portion on my run so i didn't have an audience. Bummer though, I ripped the knee of my favorite tights. Good thing they were a TJ Maxx bargain. It's almost time for capris anyway.

The boo boo. I got lots of kisses from Olive and it feels much better.

I'm a little sore this morning so I did a little shake out recovery run on the treadmill (3.2miles) and when Olive goes down for her nap I have a date with the foam roller.

Later this day Olive decided the pool table chalk was eye shadow. Ekkkkk I just love  this crazy girl!

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