Sunday, March 16, 2014

Step To Me......

l dare ya! Hahaha (evil laughter). 

 Brad and I went on a date last night. Actually, we were in search of a new microwave. Ours died. So we took advantage of my sister and niece and they watched the kids. We also went to dinner and stopped by Fleet Sports where Brad bought me a some runners Mace. He must love me enough to not want me find me a ditch somewhere. Almost needed it on today's run. I was charged at by a barking German Shepherd mix. Finger on trigger and all but I yelled and it ran away. 

This is so true. I used to aim to get in 3 miles. I remember being so thrilled the first time 
  I ran 2 1/2 miles without stopping. I've come along way in the last year.  I now consider anything less than 5 miles a 'short run'.  Isn't that crazy!?

Today is usually reserved for my longer runs. It didn't really work out that way but i kinda planned on taking it easy today. The wind was crazy today. I altered my typical path several times because the wind was straight at my face and it was taking my breath away. I just couldn't breath!  28° today. I think i was spoiled by the last few days of warmer temps because it felt FREEZING and I
I've ran in colder.

However, check out that pace! I'm getting quicker and able to keep it for a longer distance. Sweet! 

So, remember my last goal of running a 20 miles in a week? I did it twice! Now on to a new goal.  I'm thinking maybe my next goal will be to reach 10miles in 1run. 
No. I didn't register for a half yet. I guess I'm pretty much a chicken. I should have done it sooner and now the $100 registration fee is hard to swallow :(   

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