Saturday, February 13, 2010


We post-poned this birthday party last weekend due to the road conditions. It worked better this weekend anyway cause we had some family fly up from Florida and we got to enjoy their company as well. The birthday girls were my great aunt Eva, my niece Mariana and my sister in-law Stacey. Happy Birthday Ladies :) Also, My cousin's boy Paxton's (from Florida) birthday was today, so that worked out well.

Mariana turns 11!

Obsessed with horses, Mari picked these cupcakes out of the "Hello Cupcake" book. Randi and Stacey worked on them together, soooooo cute!

Elise enjoying her cupcake.


After lunch we headed out for more sledding. Here I am pushing Randi and Dane down the hill.

After about an hour or so, here's Randi exhausted after her trip down with Elise.
Brad & Dane

We sent Dane down by himself in a super-slick plastic inner-tube, he hit the ramp and flew down that hill! He was so light and that tube was so fast that he slammed into the house and got pinned between the inner-tube, flower bed and house. I heard him cry out as I ran down the hill to rescue him and when I got there he wasn't crying but he kept repeating " I'm ok'd, I'm ok'd!"
Thank god he was ok. I was so worried he'd hit his head or something! It didn't scare him though, we went right back up the hill for more!

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