Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

Snow. Snow Snow. We got dumped with snow last Friday, approx 15-18 inches. I dealt with it ok, really it's been a pretty mild winter so far so I hated to complain. Today, the snow started again. Allegedly another 5-8 inches by the end of tomorrow and I'm OVER IT. Enough is enough. Is it April yet?! I do acknowledge the beauty of it on occasion, when it's fresh fallen and untracked or when the sun shines and it just glistens like a million diamonds. However when I have to drive in it I get so stressed out. I Can't wait till spring.
We went over to my sister's house on Sunday after they finally lifted the Level 3 snow emergency for some sledding. I decided to just watch and take pictures from the sliding glass doors. I thought it was so cute to see Cat and Mari helping little Claire walk up the hill.

Brad and Dane waiting at the top of the hill, getting ready to slide down.

This pic was from tonight. We went out for a few to shovel out the walks, porches, etc. After I had gone inside Brad and Dane shoveled out a tunnel. Dane loved it. We have the most gigantic snow drifts in our yard, great for building forts and tunnels. We're suppose to get even more high winds tomorrow which I'm sure will create more drifting and HIGH stress on my drive to work tomorrow. Grrrrrrrr

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