Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Boy

A few things Dane has done within the last few months to turn from baby to big boy...

#1. Waking up with dry pull-ups

#2. Stopped sucking his thumb

#3. Got a big boy bed (and actually sleeps in it!)

Pretending to sleep (very convincing isn't it?!)

This child continues to shock and amaze me! Taken upstairs for bedtime last night, he sleeps for the 1st time in his new big boy bed without getting up or escaping his room at all! That's just not normal. Just put him down for naptime today and he's sleeping. Didn't try to get up and leave the room at all :)

Told to stop sucking his thumb for a fourwheeler and he does it! This boy is something else and I love him!

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