Friday, June 25, 2010

"Ridin' the Range"

Several people have requested a video of Dane riding his new fourwheel, as if they need proof he can actually do it. Well, Here's his 1st lesson.

We've been riding every night since he got it and he's got it down. We've dialed it down so it doesn't go to fast and Brad had to jack up the floor boards with a 2X4 so he can rest his feet (it's just alittle to big for him) but I think it will be perfect by the Fall.

* On another note. Rainbarrel is empty. Just drained it watering the garden and flower pots. Never thought I'd be wishing for rain after all the rain we got a few weeks ago but I need alitte. Just one little rainstorm to fill it back up.

Garden is looking great. Minus the broccoli which is getting ate up by bugs :( I'm going to have more tomatoes/squash than I will know what to do with........guess I'll be spreading the love among friends and family.

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