Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Mister Personality

Dane turned our mini family photography session into The Dane Show. He was definitely Mr. Personality. I wonder if it's cause I prepped him for a couple days prior to the shoot, explaining that we were going to our neighbor Kathleen's house and there would be a photographer there to take pictures and that his friend Taylor was going to come and get her pictures taken too. For the last couple days I pretended to be 'the photorapher' and asked him to show me how he was going to smile and pose for her. Well, It worked. He ate the attention up.

Our friend Jen set this mini photography session up with Jessi Weithman from Everyday Studios out of Marysville. We gathered 5 friends and our families for a Holiday Mini Session with each family scheduled for 30 minutes. We also added onto the photo package with some single pictures of Dane. We hadn't had his pictures professionally taken since Summer 09'.

Here is a sneak-peek of one of Dane's photos that Jessi sent over. I'm more than thrilled! Not to toot our own horn here but this kid is SO PHOTOGENIC! My little child model :) We should have the other pictures in about a week, I can't wait!

We went out last night with friends to celebrate Brad's 30th birthday, which is this Tuesday. Wow, 30! We gathered 9 of us and headed to Dave and Busters. Seems appropriate, that's where we went to celebrate his 21st. So many things have changed in that 9 years. 9 years of marriage, 1 beautiful baby boy and another baby on the way. We had a great time! Eating, Drinking (well, except the 2 preggos) and being Merry.

Dane spent the night at his Aunt Randi's for the 1st time. Hope it went well. I miss him terribly this's SO QUIET :(

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