Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Good, Bad and Ugly

Our trip to Indianapolis overall was a success. We arrived Friday in time to have dinner and walk around a bit before the main event......The Lighting of The Tree. It's 1 1/2 hour long televised program which includes all local talent singing Christmas Carols. At the end Santa rides in and lights the tree.

Dane is pretty much a breeze to travel with. He adapts really well to new situations and enjoys getting to see/do new things. See the excitement on his face in the picture above? He's totally pumped up to see Santa!

The next morning after breakfast we headed to The Children's Museum (which was HUGE, we spent 4 1/2 hours there) Here we are in "Egypt" with Dane driving Brad and Tim around in the Nuk Nuk.

Also in Egypt where Tim talked us into participating in a play to help welcome an Egyptian baby into the world. Very comical but also educational. Here's Tim and Brenda in traditional Egyptian clothing. Ha!

Dane and The Race Car

Always a hit, The Carousel!

And here's the BAD and UGLY!! Packed up and getting ready to head home today, we arrived at our car in the parking garage to see that someone had vandalized our car over night! I took some pictures right off for insurance purposes. This one isn't that close but I wanted to show the parking level and the 2 beer bottles left by our car. What assholes! Seriously!

It looked like there might have been a scuffle between a few people or someone rode up the side of the car with a skate board or something.! Black hand and foot prints are scattered along side the car along with scratches, the mirror was folded in and a HUGE dent behind the door!
We did have a good time though. Trying not to worry about it, nothing we can do about it now. I'm just handing it over to Brad and letting insurance take care of it. That's what we pay it for I guess.

On another note: 15 weeks pregnant now and really starting to chunk up around the middle. I didn't look like this till I was 6 months pregnant last time. I didn't even really wear maternity clothes with Dane, but I'm already starting to consider it this time! I had a good weekend, only nauseous a few times and didn't puke once :) Really hoping it's starting to subside. We'll see.

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