Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Dane had a playdate on Monday with a boy! He really needs some buddies that are boys. He plays all the time with his girl cousins and girl friends and lately Dane has been saying he wants to be a girl. Uh, That's alittle concerning and when asked Dane says he wants a baby sister. Huh, really?! Are you sure about that? I think it's just all he knows.

Anyway, A friend of mine from my college days moved back here from Florida. It's been years since I've seen her and she looks exactly the same! She came over on Monday with her little boy Dean and we had alittle playdate. I think they played pretty well together. We'll have to do it again sometime. It was good quality boy play without the mention of girls or being a princess :)

We took the playdate outside after awhile. It was a lovely sunny fall day with temperatures in the 60's. I wish it would stay like this. "sigh"

All you need for a good time is a few tractors and a big pile of dirt!

Dane has come down with a little cold. Bummer. I feel like he just had one not long ago! Where is he picking up these germs! Ugg. I hope I don't get it. He woke up today at 6:30am today and it was my day to sleep in alittle! Oh well. That's the life of a mom I guess. He's also a little clingy and whiny probably cause he's not feeling well.

What's new you ask? Brad's appointment to take more tissue is next week. I bet he passes out, he almost did last time. This should be very unpleasant, having a big hole dug out, both front and back. I would think it would be hard to get comfortable.

Preggo Update: 12 weeks and still nauseous. It lasted till 14 weeks with Dane, so hopefully I only have a few weeks left of this crap. I had another check-up. I find them annoying, can't I just come in if I have a question or I'm not feeling well? Anyways, it went pretty well. Dane came with me and we got to hear the heartbeat. I've only gained 2 1/2 lbs so far. I hope I can keep the weight down more this time, we'll see. I like my resisdent Dr. She's pretty laid back and the best part is she's alittle chunky!! Makes me feel better and I don't think she'll be on me about my weight and constantly lecturing me like that last Dr. was. HA! I love it :)

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