Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh Giggles :)

Brad and Dane getting ready to head outside and do some work. Dane was particularly excited and impressed when Brad whipped out a pair of overalls just like his to work in. Here's my boys. This definitely got some giggle outta me.

I like this picture better, stupid window ruined it. Though I should have thought better to take the photo there, my bad.

Anyways. Things are good here. I'm off work till Tuesday and I intent on taking full advantage of that by eating and napping when I want to. Dane has been a real good boy too, Sometimes when faced with staying home alone with him for days I want to run screaming in the other direction but he's been really fun the last few days. I think he's in a growing stage, he's been eating well, sleeping in and taking good long naps. That's awesome.

Tonight Dane is having a sleep over with his Momo and Papa Peterson. He's pretty excited about it and I'm going to try not to worry about him. He'll be fine, they take such good care of him. Brad and I are taking advantage of our free time and going out on a double date with friends, dinner and a movie. Should be fun. I haven't been out to the movies since Dane was about 1 month old. Then tomorrow we're going to head out in the morning and try to get some Christmas shopping started.

* Brad just got results back from the moles he had cut off. 2 of the 3 are melanoma. Non invasive though, which is great! We caught it just in time. He just has to go back in so they can go deeper and wider to make sure they get all the cancerous tissue. While not good news, it could be ALOT worse and I'm relieved. But seriously, How can 1 person have so much cancerous skin?

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