Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Play" Birds

Brad got together with some of his friends to shoot clay birds.....aka "Play" birds if you're Dane. So after Dane's nap I took him over there so he could watch.

When they finished the box of clay birds it was on to shooting pumpkins.

After a few minutes Dane was bored of watching and kept himself entertained by playing in Brad's truck.

He was still alittle sick this day and I feel like you can see it in his eyes.

Thanks to Dane, both Brad and I came down with a mini cold shortly there after. It's not terrible, Brad has alittle congestion and a sore throat and I'm just alittle congested in the evening. I'm just glad it happened now and not next week for our trip to Indianapolis!

Brad had his 2nd procedure at the Dr. yesterday. It went well and the Dr. seemed optimistic that he'd gotten everything and we'll be done with this mess. Brad's feeling pretty good, just alittle sore today.

Preggo Update: 13 1/2 weeks. Still nauseous and exhausted. Hence the not posting anything for a week. That about sums it up.


  1. Aww, congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope you get to feeling better soon!