Saturday, July 23, 2011

8 weeks

I wish I could remember who got her this cute little outfit so I could thank them. She looks adorbable in it. So if you did and your reading this, Thank You!

Can you guess why she has a big smile on her face? It's Dane, he was standing beside me. She just thinks he's the funniest.

* We've been practicing with Olive and trying to get her to take a bottle. She doesn't particularly dig it. I have concerns she may starve to death when I return to work. Seriously. Brad thinks I'm being irrational. He's probably right. I've been reading lots of articles with tips on how to make the trasition work and most of things we do. I'd been the one trying to give it to her and one of the articles said that babies can smell their mother within 20 feet! That's amazing! and some babies won't readily take a bottle if they can see or even smell their mother. So you know what happened yesterday? I left the house, went outside and sat on the porch and Voila! Olive took the bottle. Not a lot mind you but she did suck on it and swallow some of the milk. Thank god now she won't starve.


  1. Oh goodness, I'm afraid you were right the othe day. I TOTALLY see Brad in this picture!

  2. I guess those Burrey genes are just too strong. I'm afraid it doesn't matter how many children I were to have, they would all end up looking like Brad. At least he's handsome ;)

  3. I love this shot! Look at those toes!!!

  4. neither of my girls took a bottle. cecilia will take a couple sips and that's it. now she's eating cereal so she's not starving, but those couple months between me going back to work and her starting cereal were rough for the babysitters! how is olive doing with you being gone now? did you go back full time?