Friday, July 8, 2011

Swim Lessons Recap

Everyday for the past 2 weeks Dane has participated in swimming lessons at Scott's Pool in Marysville. It didn't start off too smoothly. Actually, For the first 3 days it was awful. He refused to get in the pool and the instructors had to physically rip him off of my body! I was in shock that he was acting this way. Afterall, he took lessons last year, and we'd been practicing everything he'd learned in the tub.

So when I over heard the instructor say "Dane buddy why are you so scared, Have you ever been swimming before?" and Dane responded with "No" I nearly fell off my chair!

Seriously Dane? Really?!

This next picture is from day 1. Notice the face he's making. That pretty much summed it up.

It did get better, thank god. Day 4 and 5 were much better and he was actually having some fun. Our trip to Kentucky where Dane and Brad played in the pool all weekend really helped cause when we returned to lessons that next week he was a changed boy.

Here he is with a look of determination before he hops on the diving board.

and takes a giant sized superman leap toward one of his instructors.

and a close-up of her face because she was not expecting that! I wish I'd kept on shooting because he hit her with such force it knocked her right off her float stick and they both went under! (giggles, so funny)

Her gave her a break the next time.

The following day.

Last day of lessons and all smiles!! Dane graduates to Level 2 next year!

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