Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Brother Love

Little Olive love, love, loves her big brother! Morning is Olive's happiest time, in that sense she must be like her father. I hate early mornings. Anyway, Every morning Dane says "Good morning Olive, Your so beautiful" over and over in the most sing songy voice ever and she just smiles and coos. She just follows him with her eyes everywhere he goes.

Dane can also be a "brother" out of the blue and do something completely mean like pull her hair, wipe a booger on her, etc. For that sort of thing, he of course gets scolded but I like to think that someday she'll pay him back for all that torture and I think for the first time 10 times or so I'll just look the other way. (smirk)

* Poor baby Olive had her well baby check today and 2 immunizations to which she did not enjoy and neither did I. She's currently 10lbs 8oz (50th percentile) and 23 inches (90th percentile) So just like Dane she's long and lean.

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