Monday, July 18, 2011

Lo. Co. Fair

Despite the fact that Dane had a fever we took him to the Logan County Fair last night. Yeah, He has a fever and no I don't know why. He seems fine otherwise. Anyway, I never would ordinarily take him anywhere when he's not feeling well but we'd mentioned the demolition derby and he really wanted to go. So we did.

While on the way to the stadium to watch the derby Dane saw this mechanical bull and wanted to ride it. I think Brad and I were surprised cause he'd been pretty quiet and shy-like due to being sick all day and I figured Brad would pay and then Dane wouldn't get near the thing.

Not the case though.

Here he is riding the bull!

He also enjoyed the Derby! What little boy wouldn't enjoy cars purposely crashing into each other :)

* Dane's fever just popped up yesterday mid-morning. He had told me earlier that day that he head was tired but I just giggled cause it sounded like another one of his silly things to say. I thought to check it when he came in from fourwheeler riding and laid down on the couch. Dane doesn't ever lay down so I knew something was up. It was 101.4. Huh? Otherwise he seems fine so we just alternated Tylenol and Aspirin. Today when he woke up the fever was gone and he was his normal mischievous self. However it started to creep back up toward 100 at lunchtime.

I'm wondering if he's getting an ear infection or something. We have done ALOT of swimming recently. He hasn't complained of an ear ache though.

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