Friday, July 15, 2011

Ahhh, That's better!

Not everyone will find this post helpful or even interesting but I just have to say that the new Medela Softfit Breastshield is awesome! It's just so much better than the original. I don't know when they came up with this but if they had it available when I was pumping for Dane, I didn't know about it. It has a super soft silicone like cup that eliminates that pinching feeling that that the standard plastic ones can give you (at least to me)

Here's what it looks like.

The only thing is you have to buy a separate connector.
*As you can probably tell I started pumping a few weeks ago. I'm trying to save up for going back to work, 12 days left of maternity leave. Just the thought makes my stomach churn. Ugg. Not ready at all but truth be told I never would be ready. It's just never a good time to leave your precious baby behind.

It's really hard to work in something else during the day as well. So after I feed Olive I set up the pump and pump away. Usually while Dane is driving me crazy running a muck and creating all sorts of chaos. Which makes it super hard to relax and let the milk down. Which makes pumping take that much longer. Then the stress of thinking I won't have enough milk stored up for her, etc, etc.

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