Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dane's 2!

Well, Today is Dane's 2nd birthday. I'm having mixed emotions. The last 2 years have been amazing, but they have gone so fast. He's grown alot and learned so much. I am truely blessed to be able to call him mine. I've never had so much fun before, he makes me laugh everyday.
I'm posting a pictorial recap of the last 2 years, just a few of my favorites.

Here's is Dane at the hospital, just one day old.
7lbs 6oz
Dane @ 4months

Dane @ 6months

Dane @ 9months (learning to walk with Dad) I also love this pic cause of the 2 new teeth on the bottom, looks like a cabbage patch kid :)

Dane @ 1year with his Christmas present

Dane @ 18months

Happy 2nd Birthday Dane!!
Love You.

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