Friday, December 4, 2009

Downtown North Pole

Friday night we headed to downtown Bellefontaine to see the North Pole. It was alittle lack luster to say the least. We thought he'd get to see Santa, but instead he saw Mrs. Claus. Yeah, that's right, Santa wasn't there, only his wife. That's ok, she was really friendly. He did get to decorate a sugar cookie with sprinkles afterwards, he really liked that. They also had a reindeer, a horse drawn carriage, and a live nativity scene.

Here's Dane with Mrs. Claus

We met up with Sean, Jen, Taylor and Lincoln and then went to dinner afterwards. If you look at Dane's hands, you'll notice that he has one brown glove and one gray one. Somewhere between the house and Bellefontaine (10miles) Dane lost his other gray glove. We stripped that car down looking for the other glove with no luck. Weird that I happened to have one brown glove in my purse :)

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