Sunday, December 13, 2009

Office Party

Saturday night was our annual office Christmas Party at Spaghetti Warehouse in Columbus. We had a good time. Here's Dane opening his presents from Doc & Cindy. I missed taking a pic of the expression on his face when Doc handed him his presents, but it was so cute. He didn't know he would get a present, and he was shocked! He seems honestly so thankful in his expression. Now, That's what Christmas is about, the pure joy on a child's face. I'll never forget the look on his face. The innocence he has in being so young, that he never thought about getting a present at a Christmas party.

He got a guitar! and he played it all the way home, and all morning!

Dane found a friend too. He's been eyeing Marna's daughter's across the table and I guess he decided that he like Jaime. So he crawled under the table and up into her lap. He came back a few minutes later and said "Mom, Talkin to a girl." Then he went back to her. He pretty much stayed there the rest of the evening. Too funny.

I had my friend Michelle take our photo. She did a great job! Somehow she managed to get Dane to smile, he's usually not so good with that and pictures. Dane loves Michelle and her husband Chuck, he talked about them all the way home.

Had to take a picture of my dessert. Lemon Cream Cake, it was delicious. I get that every year

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  1. Office party with kids! Seems perfect. I am also going to attend a bash with my family. It is an engagement party of one of my colleagues that’s going to be held at indoor party NYC venues. I am sure it’s going to be a fun event and we would have a blasting time. Will definitely share these photos on my personal blog.