Monday, December 21, 2009

First Snow

Dane was so excited to wake up to snow Saturday morning and we were excited to get him suited up so we could play in it. Last year he was just 1 year old during winter. We found him this cute snow bib/coat combo at Babies R Us on the clearance rack. It's a 3T but fits great. He threw a major fit when we were trying to bundle him up, but once we got outside he loved it!

Here he is all bundled up.

We started a snowball fight and he thought it was great! In this pic he'd just got done hurling one at me. I love this picture, even though I cut the top of his head off. He just looks so happy :)

We also built a small snowman. The snow was perfect for rolling, it packed so easy. We found sticks for arms, rocks for eyes and a carrot for his nose. Dane's holding his "hand" in this picture.

Zoey has always loved the snow. She ran circles all around us. She loves to be in the middle of a snowball fight!

Most people know, I hate snow. I hate being cold but I put my feeling aside to watch Dane have a good time and I ended up having a good time too. I do not have the proper snow gear though. I think I could use some snow pants. I know with Dane I'll probably be out in the snow alot more this year. I hear he's getting a sled for Christmas and Brad's eager to pull him behind the fourwheeler!

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