Monday, December 7, 2009

Party Time

We had Dane's 2nd birthday party Sunday night. It went really well. He didn't take a very big nap that day, only 1 hour so I was alittle concerned he would be alittle cranky. There was so much excitement, he was fine. He loves playing with all his cousins and he must have been wore out, he slept in till 8 today. Dane's party theme was tractors & dirt.

Here's the party invite.

My wonderful nephew Kelvin and nieces Cat & Mari came over in the morning to help me set up tables, entertain Dane, make the food, and decorate the cupcakes. They were so much help. I love them so much.

We made dirt pudding with worms and placed it the bed of Dane's dump truck. Then we arranged the "dirt" cupcakes behind with tractor equipment. I think it turned out so cute.

After dinner, which was beef-n-noodles, mashed potatoes, rolls, & cheese ball we opened presents. Dane was great at it, here he is throwing the box open.

Tim & Brenda got him a tool set that came with these goggles. He loves them, plus the hammer which he's been all over the house "fixing" things with! :)

My favorite part of the night was when everyone joined in singing Dane happy birthday. He had this expression of shock and wonder on his face the whole time. It was like he couldn't believe that everyone was singing just for him. So precious.

Finally getting to eat a cupcake, he'd eye-balled them all day and kept saying "Cake time now?"
Which happened to be one of the first things he sayed this morning too.

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