Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Santa likes boogers"

While I was working yesterday I knew Brad and Dane were going to head to the Springfield Mall to finish up alittle Christmas shopping. On one hand I was hoping they would stop to see Santa, on the other hand I didn't want them too, cause I didn't want to miss it! When I got home from work Dane was outside helping Brad work on the snow fence and I bought him back inside with me when I came in. He was talking alot about the day and I asked him what he did. He says...."Santa like boogers!" Funny. So I gathered they must have seen Santa.
Brad came in later with the picture. So cute.

Brad said he thought Dane may be a nervous nosepicker cause he was picking his nose the whole time they were in line! So Brad had told him that "Santa doesn't like nosepickers." Must be why Dane said "Santa like boogers." Never fails, even on the worst day Dane can make me laugh.

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