Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Fun

Last night we went over to my older sisters house to eat some pizza and play in the snow! My sister's house sets on 18 acres of rolling hills perfect for sledding on. It was super cold, only 18 degrees so we didn't stay out for long. My brothers two girls Claire (3 1/2) and Elise (2) plus Dane all crammed into this tube and John hauled them up the hill. I think he's probably pretty sore today, he did that like 10x! Elise and Dane which are quite the pair play hit each other and threw snow at each other on the way up. They all squealed with laughter the whole way down.

Stopping to pose for pictures before going in to eat and warm up. Elise threw a handful of snow at Dane's face right before I snapped this picture! Dane cried, but we wiped the snow off and he was fine.


  1. We just did this the other day. I'm not a cold weather person and no matter what, playing in the snow is not my idea of fun ever. But I actually had a good time. Maybe I'm adapting to the Northwest cold after all. Hmmm....nah!! GIVE ME SUNSHINE!

  2. Hi Cindy! Sorry I didn't get to say Hi to you yest(really busy) Sounds like we feel the same about snow! This is the first year I've been out to play since I was a kid. My fun lies in seeing the joy on my sons face, so for him I'll do it! :)