Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Camera

I've been playing with my camera a lot these last couple days. Trying to figure out all the settings and how I can take better pictures. I'd read a lot of articles lately on photography and taking advantage of the all the features your camera has to offer and not just shooting in AUTO mode. I've been trying to do that.

Yesterday I used Dane as my muse, somedays he'll let me do that and somedays not. I watched him go over to the toy box and grab his guitar so I picked up the camera. He started head banging and I tried to switch it over to the video mode but because I'd never played with that I didn't know what I was doing and I missed him "rockin out" (that's what he calls it) I did snap a few good pics though.

Applauding himself.

Finally he noticed I was taking his picture. The session is usually over once that happens cause then he wants to see every picture you take. He shows so much interest in taking pictures and seeing what they look like, sometimes I wonder if he'll be a photographer someday.

After Dane went down for his nap I started playing around with my cameras color settings. My last camera didn't have that. I can do alot of cool things with this Canon. This is the Color Accent setting.
Kinda want to get photoshop or something like that so I can add textures to photos. Photoshop is WAY to expensive though. I'm sure there has to be something like that for cheaper. I don't want to be a professional or anything (which is good, cause I'm not that talanted) I just want to do some cool stuff to some photos sometimes.

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  1. Have you been on You upload photos and then can edit and order prints off their site. They have some pretty cool editiing tools, my avi on Facebook was made on photobucket.