Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Confession and A Few Random Goodness

I'm not gonna lie. In the last year I've thought about quitting this blogging business no short of 100x. I mean who am I even talking to!? Then I get all sappy and nostalgic looking back at my posts in the last 5 years and think me, that's who I'm talking to.  It's nice looking back at where we've come from and who we live for. I guess when I do something I go into it 100%. I feel guilty when I don't post something so I do and then it appears no one is reading. So anyhow, for now I'm ok with talking to myself. 

And in the meantime here are a few gems I'd forgotten to include in previous posts.

My nephew and nieces before Prom. Seriously gorgeous people inside and out and I love them to pieces. I can't believe how old they are getting. This is my nephews senior year and therefore the last prom they are all together.

And a few from Dane's Spring Program at school.
I thought this one was particularly cute because Olive actually smiled instead of making a goofy face.

From Easter. The Peterson's with the grand babies.

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