Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not Much And Alot

This was a busy weekend and not nearly long enough. But good news. I work 4 days this werk and then I'm off work for a whole week! I can't wait. 

So, Friday after work I made some food for my nephews grad party. Saturday I did our recycling, signed Dane up for soccer, dropped the food off with my sister, came home and did some random house chores, left with the family to do alittle shopping, and then went to said graduation party.

Today (Sunday) I woke up early at 6am. Had my coffee and 2 PB banana muffins and was at the park to run by 6:55am. Awesome. I was dying to try my new shoes out. Everything was great till mile 5.5 when my knee started to hurt so I stopped at a church to stretch out that pesky IT band. It didn't really help so I finished up my run at 6.62 miles and then limped my way through town back to my car. I need to be better about foam rolling all the time and not just when I'm injured.

After the run I came home, showered and then did the grocery shopping. 

Most importantly after the kids went down for a nap I escaped to see my best friend (+baby) who are here visiting family this week. It's ALWAYS good to see them! 

Do mice like beer?

Apparently YES but Ewwwww. Dane found this little beer soaked baby mouse in the beer bottle which was in our recycling bin. Weird.

Anywho. Swimming lessons start this week so you know where to find me every night after work. 

Peace out.

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