Monday, June 30, 2014

Fireworks Fun

Oh the hilarity of showing up to the fireworks in the same tank as your sister.

It's 'Who wore it best' time?

It pretty much rained for a solid hour before the fireworks started so we spend the time holed up in our cars waiting it out. My kids wanted in with their Aunt Randi and Devontae and at one point I look over to see them all taking selfies. 

These two are becoming quite the pals. Dane is loving a boy to play with.

Ok. This is completely random but I LOVE this stuff.

I'm a water drinker all the way but when i'm not drinking water or coffee it's most definitely iced tea. Not sweet tea. Definitely not sweet tea. That stuff is nasty.  Anyway I just love this mint & honey flavored green tea from 'Sweet Leaf'. It's Organic and all natural. You can pronounce all ingredients. It's refreshing and delicious and a special treat I allow myself. Like today while the kids are napping I'm sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and rewarding myself for not killing them in the grocery store today. (They weren't that bad, but they weren't that good either)


  1. I think your sister wore it best :) but she needs better posture.

  2. yea, the red head totally wore it best.

  3. Both of the above comments seem highly suspicious seeing that they came in just a minute apart.....Hmmm

  4. It looks totally legit me to;