Friday, June 6, 2014

And.....He's a 1st grader now.

It's official. Dane will be a first grader next year. How can that be!? 

1st day of Kindergarten. 

 Last day of Kindergarten. Thanks for the pic dad!

If you zoom in a little you can definitely see how he's looking older. More mature in his face.

 We got his baseball pictures back. It's a picture of a picture so this might be a bit blurry

On another note. I picked up a barfing Olive yesterday after work. Not a good surprise. She threw up 7x last night but seems to be ok this morning. She kept her breakfast down anyway so fingers crossed.

I was pretty excited (and nervous)  to last minute sign up for my 1st 10k this weekend. It's in the morning. So when i picked up a sick child it was like my bubble burst. I felt so bad for her but also one of my first thought was "Oh no! What are the odds I don't get sick!" 

Not to mention I also had just hired our babysitter for Sat night so Brad and I could go out on a date. So of course I'd come home to a sick baby. Ugg. However, like I mentioned she  she seems to be ok now (so far) so maybe everything will be ok.

So this is where I'll be in the morning. I'm pretty nervous. I've ran this distance several times before but lately my runs have been lack luster and I've felt the need to stop and walk. Wish me luck. I'll recap it for you on Sunday. I'm anticipating a finish time of around 56 minutes.

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