Sunday, June 1, 2014


 A post strictly about running stuff.

These are my shoes. My husband surprised me by taking me to a running shoes where they fit me for shoes based upon my feet and running style. A neutral shoes worked best for me After trying several pairs I chose the Brooks Glycerin 11's. I love them! 

So far I have ran 485 miles in them! I'm trying to squeek as many miles out of them as I can because running shoes are expensive. I have however noticed my feet hurting lately and I
it may be time to retire them soon. After all, running shoes are only designed to handle 300-500 miles before the interior cushion starts to break down.

Lucky for me Brooks is releasing the Glycerin 12's in June. 
I'm loving the new color too!

I'm pretty interested in having a GPS running watch too. Like this one. 

This is the new Garmin 15.

I currently use my phone which works fine but it would be simpler to see and stop and start it quickly during water or fuel stops.  It's on my wish list.

Now that it's getting warm outside and my mileage is increasing I've been thinking more about getting one of these. At first i thought about a hand held type but i already have my mace in my hand so i think this waist belt might work best. Esp during my longer runs. 

As of now i have been stashing my bottle and fuel at a halfway point but what happens when i get thisty before that or after......i suffer through. This also has a pouch to hold things, keys, fuel. Etc. 

Also, i actually really need to get one of these now that its all warm and sunny. Even my husband commented on my freckly face after a run.

 about fuel. I'm really not too interested in fueling my body with artificial junk BUT I have considered a few things. Like adding Nuun to my water to replace electrolytes.

I hear the watermelon flavor is YUM! 

So far, for fuel I've only used Dates. I like that it's a whole food. It's gentle on the stomach and its a quick release of glycogen for the muscles. It's only something I do if i am planning to run more than 7 miles. I would be open to trying other things as well. I hear good things about Honey Stinger products. Like these....

They also make a GU type or a gummy type. Some people just use Honey or almond butter packets like this....

Anyhow, just some food for thought ;)

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