Sunday, June 15, 2014

Marysville Glo Run 5k Recap

First off, Happy Father's Day to my dad and my husband. I couldn't be who I am without you and I love you both to the moon and back.

We're having a cookout here later today to celebrate. Hopefully i can rally the troops and get a dad photo.

In the mean time. Enjoy my recap of last nights Marysville Glo Run 5k. 

The best news I had ZERO pain in my right knee (IT band). 
I'd been foam rolling it and yesterday I even took my rolling pin to it. Also, I practiced a few yoga poses that stretch that band. I really think that helped and I should continue it.

This picture cracks me up! Post race. I'm so stoked and these 2 guys look like they might die. Haha. This is Marna's boyfriend and his son. They ran with me since she's still recovering.

Close up :)

Anyway. Results. Chip time of 27:17. 8:53 pace. 
61 out of 183 total participants
5th out of 33 in my age category.

Not a PR for me but I'm happy anyway.

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