Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Fun

Carving our pumpkins. Dane wouldn't reach into the pumpkins at first and when he did he pulled out a handfull of the guts and said......."That's disgusting!" That cracked me up.

My niece Mari came over to carve a pumpkin too. She is tons of help with Dane and I love when she comes over. I was feeling not so good earlier in the day and she helped distract Dane for awhile so I could lay down. Thanks Mari, Love Ya!

Here she is intently carving her pumpkin. She did a great job, it turned out soooo cute!

Brad super serious and really focused on his pumpkin.

I'll post pics of the finished product later. When I took the photos after we were done it wasn't really dark enough and it's hard to see what they are. I'll go back out tonight and get some better ones.

* Preggo Update: I've developed a cold now and it's just awesome. Nothing is worse than being sick and unable to medicate yourself. I can't stand not being able to breath through my nose! I woke up extra nauseous today, I guess that's cause I woke to a belly full of the snot that drained down my throat last night. Ugg and blowing my nose makes me cough which then in turn makes me gag.

Ok. Enough whining.

Tomorrow night the Full Moon Festival in Zanesfield. Should be fun. I'm making a cake for the Cake Walk. It's gonna be super cute, if it turns out according to plan I'll take a picture. We also have a couple Halloween Parties coming up, one of which is tomorrow night too and we haven't came up with a costume for ourselves yet. Course, If I still feel like poo, I'm not going but we have another one next week that I need a costume for.


  1. Ughhh...sick and preg = BOOOO!

    Taylor wouldn't reach into the pumpkins to pull out the stuff either. She started to at first but as soon as her hands touched the inside she immediately pulled it out and wouldn't try again.

    Hope you guys make it tomorrow night - at least for a bit. Sean doesn't have a costume yet either! And, he's working late tonight so I don't know what he's going to do.

  2. Brad found out that he has to work tomorrow too, so I don't know what we're going to do!