Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin' Our Family Tradition

Something I plan on doing every year with my little family....U pick pumpkins at Wenger's Produce. We went this morning and had a great time. I LOVE pumpkin picking! What we do for fun is pick pumpkins that we think resemble us. Brad's is usually tall and slender, mine is short and round and Dane's is of course a smaller version of Brad's.

Dane ran around like a banshee picking out all sorts of pumpkins that he liked but wouldn't touch any of them....."too pokey"

He loves to help, he wanted to pull the cart everywhere.

Smilin' for the camera but not looking at it. That's kinda his MO

We're done! On the way back to have them weighed. I love when Dane throws his arm around us for a hug and a pic (and once again....smiling but not looking at the camera)
What a sweetie pie though :)

Tomorrow is pumpkin' carving time but for today we're getting ready for a birthday party at our house for my Dad, Grandma and niece Elise. Let the celebration begin!

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  1. Casey, you aren't round!! Very cute idea!