Monday, October 25, 2010

The Peanut

The ultrasound went good today. Just one baby in there, and with our family history it could have gone another way. Everything looks good and they kept the due date the same....The last week in May. The next ultrasound should be sometime around Christmas :)

Brad had 3 moles taken off a couple weeks ago and his appointment to get the stitches out was after the ultrasound. That went smoothly as well, until they realized they hadn't gotten the results back from the pathology lab yet. Brad was instantly suspicious. They called him later today with the news that they had sent his specimens to a pathology specialist so it was going to take a few more days. A pathology specialist?!........Uh Oh! Brad is already freaking out and I'm trying to play it cool but I'm secretly worried about it too. I mean how often does that happen to the same person twice?! But this is why he keeps up with these things.
Keep us in your thoughts.

Preggo Update: I'm feeling better about this pregnancy and the hopes that I could be having another boy. Morning sickness has progressed some, I puked again this morning. Errr. Make that 2x today as of 6:30pm. I can't get something to eat fast enough in the morning anymore to subdue the nausea. I have been feeling better throughout the day though which is really similar to how I was pregnant with Dane. Fingers crossed ;)

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